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What is Sensory Integration Therapy

 Sensory websiteSensory Integration is how the brain integrates and interprets information it is given by the body’s sensory receptors. Information about touch, balance, vision, smell, sound and body position is collected to help make sense of an individual’s body and how it interacts with the environment around them.

Neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can interfere with the nerve pathways which relate to sensory information to the brain. Sometimes the brain can receive too much information, sometimes not enough. This can cause stress and confusion and lead to difficulties moving, or a situation not being responded to appropriately.

The vestibular system joins up information about head position with our body movement senses, proprioception and touch. Published research shows that when Sensory Integration therapies are used, improvements are likely to be more than from other approaches. This highlights why rehabilitation, targeted to improving sensory integration, is important.

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