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Sensory Integration at Merlin MS Centre

 CPF3865The sensory facility at the Centre is available to both existing clients as well as being available to hire by other health professionals.

 CPF3909 It has been designed specifically for use by young people and adults, rather than children as there is a shortage of adult appropriate facilities in Cornwall.

 Exercising in the sensory room using specialist equipment can have a positive effect on clients. The fully equipped space allows clients to work on posture and movement skills, falls reduction and regaining upper limb function.

 A range of equipment allows therapists to work on customised personal therapeutic goals.

 Examples of how we do this include: CPF3888

 Variable Axis Swing-  Addresses spatial awareness. The swing provides comfort while clients can be positioned in both vertical and horizontal planes.

 Platform and Glider Bolster Swings- Can be used in a variety of positions from prone to sitting, challenging balance, posture and movement.

 The Resistance Tunnel- Helps to develop body awareness, an object, such as a ball, is pushed through the tunnel by the client who will experience tactile input with varying degrees of resistance requiring greater or less muscle movement.

 The Cloud PillowCan be used either as a crash pit or as a relaxation area.

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For more information about the sensory space please contact the Physiotherapy Team on 01726 885530 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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