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Daniel was born deaf and was diagnosed with epilepsy while young, neither of which stopped him working as a rehabilitation officer. In 2009 he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

"Many years earlier I had briefly lost sight in my left eye and experienced different short term episodes until I originally thought I suffered a stroke. When the confirmation finally came in July 2009 that it was MS it came as a relief, because until then nobody could tell me what was really happening." Daniel said 

(7 Families Website)

7 families is a charity led campaign to provide a tax-free income for one year to seven people who have lost their income because of a serious or long-term illness or disability.

Click here to discover Daniel's story and how Oxygen Therapy has helped.



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Our Mission is to create, develop and sustain a centre of excellence for the delivery of treatment, support and fellowship to those living with MS their families and their carers.