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Amandas Story




Amanda has been having sessions with the therapy team at the Centre for quite a while now focussing on her balance and mobility with the use of the parallel bars and the antigravity treadmill.  Recently she decided that she wanted to start focussing on regaining function in her right arm if possible.


She started having therapy sessions with Kath Smith, our Occupational Therapist. Her assessment indicated difficulties in processing information from the senses of balance, muscle stretch and touch- this was interfering with her ability to have the stable core posture needed to free up and support movement of her shoulder, arm and hand. This is what makes functional use of the hands possible in daily life.


Under Kath’s guidance Amanda has used the platform and glider swings to help her register and be able to use sensory input from these important sensory systems. Aiming at a target while moving on the swing allows Amanda to engage her core more automatically and to use functional patterns, while having fun! This freedom to move while supported on a stable surface means Amanda has improved alignment in her body and limbs


“I like using the swing because there is no fear of falling and my body can just relax. When I get off my body feels much looser and I lose tension in my shoulders. I am hoping that continual use will build up my core strength, which will improve my balance and increase my confidence.”




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