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Just days before having a cancerous kidney removed in 2014, Angela received the devastating blow of being diagnosed with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis; she was 53. Angela originally came to the Centre after hearing about the benefits oxygen therapy could have for her severe fatigue, caused by MS. After her initial induction which included a tour of the Centre facilities, she decided that physiotherapy could also be beneficial to her.

"Oxygen therapy as made such a difference it has increased my stamina, delayed the onset of fatigue and reduced some of the unkind symptoms of bladder and bowel, I now come in once a week for a top-up of oxygen followed by a session of physiotherapy in the gym.

Improving my balance and stability was vital to me having the confidence to maintain some normality in a life turned on its head by MS. I had come to terms with the fact that my body and brain were no longer speaking the same language, but my confidence was fading as I realised how unpredictable my body was becoming.”

“Physiotherapy helps me feel more in control. It has rebuilt my confidence in balance and steadiness of foot – The therapy team have helped me find the courage to take a deep breath and become the best me I can be.”

After a cycle warm up, we are doing a lot of slow, steady work: leaning, rocking and stepping in all directions, while maintaining posture, so the brain gets used to which signal now means which motion – working on a soft beam along the floor certainly heightens the concentration.

I haven’t managed to have both feet off the floor at the same time on purpose for years!  Only very gentle little bounces, marching, or trotting, but it has me laughing out loud with the joy of it.

Before my diagnoses my husband and I were keen coastal walkers. Over the years I have had to re-evaluate my goals, now I enjoy being outside with my husband on a mobility scooter alongside him.

The therapy team have helped me realise that setting new goals is okay and have given me the tools and the courage to help me achieve them.”