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80 year old Stuart attends Day Respite at the Centre, he was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia in 2013. He was later diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and type 2 Diabetes.Poor mobility, vision and balance affects Stuart daily, this increases his anxiety and leaves him feeling confused and frustrated that he is unable to do the things he use to. The Respite team tailor activities for Stuart around his passion for gardening, bird watching and classic cars, providing activities which focus on his interests means Stuart is more relaxed during his time at the Centre.  

Stuart's wife and fulltime carer, Jean first heard about the Day Respite service through a friend and brought Stuart along for a trial session. Jean knew that Stuart would benefit from attending activities outside the family home in a professional setting. It would also give her the chance to do some things for herself knowing that her husband was happy.

"Stuart gets alot out of his Respite sessions. He loves playing table top games his favourite being Roller Pong and Dragster Racing. He also enjoys playing more physical games like Skittles and Bean Bag Darts this all helps with his co-ordination and motor skills. Stuart use to be a very active person particularly loving gardening and bird watching. The Respite team have set up a bird table and acquired a set of binoculars for Stuart to watch the birds. He also gets to maintain the bird table and in warmer weather go outside to enjoy the ground. 

The social interaction he has with the rest of the group is very rewarding. Stuart tells me that he likes the fact that he is in a safe environment at Merlin and feels relaxed and supported. Stuart also attends massage sessions whilst at Merlin which help to provide relaxation and improves his circulation.


I feel happy leaving Stuart at the Centre as I get to have some time to myself whilst knowing that Stuart looks forward to and enjoys his Respite days. I also feel supported by the team and know I can phone at anytime to discuss Stuart’s wellbeing."