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As well as one to one sessions the Physiotherapy team offer group exercise classes. These social and lively groups are a great way to meet new people.


Ready Steady Stand 2 Walk (Tues 10am)

Exercise to stretch the muscles and move the joints, focusing on standing balance, stability and function.


Music and Rhythm 4 Movement (Tues 11.30am)

Seated exercise classes to music. Works on posture and upper body strength. Ideal for wheel chair users and people with reduced mobility


Circuits 4 Core Control / Circuits 4 Posture (Thurs 11am and Fri 10am)

Group exercise classes working on balance, posture and strength. Sessions are tailored to each

person’s needs and goals.


Sit and Be Fit @ Merlin (Fri 12noon)

Seated exercise class with music working on rhythm and timing, flexibility, trunk control, balance and strength.


 For information on group exercise classes please click here