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How can Oxygen help?

Research shows that over 8000 of our most important genes are regulated by oxygen.  Oxygen also controls a wide range of functions including heart output, blood flow, production of red blood cells and formation of capillaries.  Giving a high level of oxygen is the only way to actually reduce blood flow whilst improving oxygen delivery which is particularly important in swollen and inflamed tissues.  A course of 20 sessions also increases the stem cells in the circulation up to 8-fold.

The process by which damage to the nervous system is caused in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) clearly cannot be prevented by oxygen therapy. However, as the body normally heals itself using oxygen from the air, additional oxygen can extend the body’s ability to heal and can limit some of the damage which the condition causes.  Breathing oxygen under pressure causes the dilated and leaky blood vessels in MS to constrict back to normal size and reduces the swelling.  At the same time, more oxygen is delivered to the bloodstream so increasing the amount available to help undertake repair.

Oxygen Treatment can also be used for other conditions such as ME, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, breaks and strains and clients undergoing cancer treatment, plus post-operative recovery, to name but a few.

(MSNTC Oxygen Treatment Manual 2016)

Chamber Therapy

Treatment involves breathing in high levels of oxygen in a barochamber. The chamber can be pressurised up to twice normal atmospheric pressure using compressed air and oxygen supplied through a built-in breathing system.  The air people normally breathe contains 21% oxygen, but in the chamber this rises to almost 100%.

O2 Only Therapy

We have four oxygen only stations, available to clients who for various reasons cannot access the chamber.  This can include type of diagnosis, ear problems, claustrophobia etc.  Although it is not as effective as being in a chamber, regular users report benefits.

To discuss individual requirements please contact the Oxygen Therapy team on 01726 885530



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